About this Blog

About this Blog

From 2011:

Six Billion Proud was spawned on one of my fitful nights in the lobby of my dorm. I wanted a few things from it.

First, a separate place to vent. I had been ‘blogging’ as much as one can on social network sites, but I feel like I was subjecting people to it that really had no interest. With separate web space, anyone who was interested could click on the link when they felt like it. Anyone not could just skip it.

Second, the thing I was most looking for was insight. I feel like many times I fail to see things from other perspectives, and I thought maybe with a place to muse about people and situations I might be able to overcome that. Insight is the most powerful thing we can have when other people are involved. 

I’m not going to pretend like this spot on the internet will be necessarily clean cut or well-rounded, and I’m not going to pretend like I am arbiter of all knowledge. All I’m looking for, and asking you to think about, is a chance to start to understand.