Classic Six Billion Proud: WAKE UP

Classic Six Billion Proud: WAKE UP

It’s weird how sometimes, things that haven’t happened in a long time can just creep up and smack you in the face.

For instance, last weekend I was sitting around, doing nothing in particular, when I realized I hadn’t been hurt in a long time. Physically injured. It’s a weird thought. I just thought to myself, “Well, either I lead a very sedentary life style, or I’m invincible.” I went with the invincible one.

On Thursday I got up, took some medicine, and went back to sleep for a couple hours. Whatever, pretty normal stuff, you know? I woke up and got into the shower, which I usually run pretty hot. Blah Blah, boring story, same old morning. Oh look, I’m almost out of body wa-


I woke up on the ground, face covered in blood. I had passed out and smashed my face on the edge of the shower.

And it hurt. Good God it hurt. I managed to squirm out of the shower and cover myself and start to clean myself up a bit. I was groggy, and bleeding, and my nose hurt, and most of all I was confused. I’ve never passed out before, and if I have, never like that.

I’m not sure what my point is in all this. Just that I was kind of astounded by the event. I guess I know what caused it. And I guess it was a (*dontsaysmackintheface,dontsaysmackintheface*)… wake up call, something telling me how hard it’s going to be in my quest for redemption. And it hurt.