Classic Six Billion Proud: Fires Burn Out

Classic Six Billion Proud: Fires Burn Out

So I love writing, and I love my guitar, and I’m trying to write this song, right? And I’m having trouble.  It’s about this:

I’ve made the mistake with almost evey girl I’ve gotten involved in. I’ve thought they were special. And that’s fine, I mean, I’m of the belief that if you don’t allow for that to be at least possibly true, you’ll miss the one that really is special. Ok, good, fine, whatever.

The real problem I have is that there are women in my life I know are special, I know are perfect. And they are friends. And I could see myself falling for them, eaisly.

That’s not to say I am in love with them. It just seems like life throws perfect in front of you and then takes it away, one way or another. Life isn’t about perfectness, I know that, and neither is love, really. But it’s frustrating to be around people you click with, I mean that “I know you and I’d stand by you through anything” kind of click with, and not ever be able to tell them how you feel, or even to explore those feelings, because you’re either just friends or they live somewhere else or they think of you as family or numerous other reasons or even some combination thereof.

I think though, that that, that “I know you and I’d stand by you” feeling is love, more than anything is. Because sure, a firey, hot, red-hot Hollywood passion is good and fine and fun and all, but fires burn out.